Lie #54 is the last episode in the 4-week series based on my free Know Your Worth Study, and today, I’m breaking down the lie that who you once were is who you will always be by sharing my personal story.  My childhood was filled with poverty, abuse, and lies, and I spent most of my life compensating with men, popularity, and hustle. Through the help of mentors and a gracious, loving Father, my life looks much different today than I ever could’ve imagined. We are not bound by our past. “Who you once were only sets you up for who God is calling you to be.”

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Who you once were is who you will always be.

Remember that your past does not define your future and it does not define you. Jesus defines you now.

As we enter a new year, I challenge you reflect on two things:

What are you doing with what you have right now?

Who you once were and who you are now. What has changed? How have you changed?

Resources mentioned: Lie #28 and #29: I’ll Never Get Through This with PJ McClure + Is God in the Bad?

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