Why Your Diet Could Be Hurting You

Do you ever wonder why your diet could be hurting you more than helping you? Dieting is the worst way to lose weight. The fitness industry teaches us that by losing weight we’ll become happy with our bodies and therefore happy with ourselves. But the truth is that we can’t fix an internal problem with an external solution. Our hope is in our Savior and not a diet. In this Truth Talk, I’m breaking down the characteristics of a diet, how they can affect our thought process, and what we can do to reframe our perspective about eating.

Why Your Diet Could Be Hurting You More Than Helping You

Resources mentioned:

Chase God, Not Your Feelings Guide

How to Trust the Holy Spirit Instead of Diet Culture with Liz Patton and Summer Faith

Responses to unhealthy food thought processes:

Food binges happen when you’re not dieting.

Feeling guilty about eating certain foods.

Having little trust with food or around food.

Carrying shame about not being about to stick to something.

Eating all the food you couldn’t eat while on the diet.

Feeling like you have failed or don’t deserve to eat. 

Signs of unhealthy dieting:

You become afraid of food. 

You start to deny your body what it needs because it doesn’t fit within the restrictions.

Food begins to take on a narrative of being immoral or moral/good or bad

Food or working out changes your mood for the worse on a consistent basis.

Undereating to lose weight

Everything you do is to burn calories and to stay around 1200 calories for the day.

Diets can easily disempower us. Diets disempower us because diets take us out of the equation. We no longer listen to the Holy Spirit or what our bodies are communicating. Instead, we listen to what other people are saying we should do for our bodies. One way to break the cycle is to break down what we have been told. We can’t change what we are not willing to confront. 

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Ask yourself these questions to help reframe your thought about dieting:

Why have I told myself I can’t eat this food?

What will really happen to me if I eat this food?

Am I afraid to eat this food?

Do I eat because of the comments people have made to me?

Am I hungry when I eat?

Do I want the food I am about to eat?

Will I be deprived if I don’t eat the food in front of me?

Do I experience shame or guilt when I eat this food? Why?

Am I giving my power to food or living through the power of God? 

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