In Lie #62 writer Kaitlin Chappell Rogers and I are getting personal about a lie we’ve both believed – your life is not worth celebrating. Many of us buy into this lie without realizing it through comparison, uncommunicated needs with unmet expectations, or seeking instant gratification. The truth is that where you are and who you are now is where God wants you to make a difference. In this episode, you will learn why your life is worth celebrating. You have what you need right now to celebrate. A life of celebration isn’t one of big parties, it’s one of showing up every day and finding something to be grateful for. Be who the Lord has called you to be for the glory of His kingdom.

Key points from our conversation why your life is worth celebrating:

Comparison is a sin. When we compare, we get wrapped up in our truths instead of God’s truth.

If you don’t feel worth celebrating, start by reading the Bible.

We often wait for an accomplishment to celebrate, then we don’t. If you don’t celebrate yourself, you’re probably not giving grace for yourself, which means it’ll be hard to give grace to others.

“It’s okay to have hope for what God will do while being content and grateful for what he is doing.”

“Celebrating your life is worship for what you’ve been given.”

It’s important to celebrate others, even when they get what you prayed for. If you find yourself getting envious, check your motives.

Celebrate the people that do show up for you instead of mourning the loss of people you maybe never had.

Immediate gratitude vs. instant gratification. We can often use the rush of peer approval as fuel for celebration or disapproval as proof of our inadequacies. Instead, we need to operate with intentional daily gratitude.

Unmet expectations happen when we don’t communicate our needs well enough. We need to allow grace for imperfect people and instead, put our expectations on God.

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Resources mentioned: Free Prayer Guide & Reading the Bible Backward Plan

Kaitlin Chappell Rogers is a former news reporter and ex-NASA social media specialist who now lives out her lifelong dream of being a writer. She is a recent graduate of Highlands College and now serves as an intern for Lisa Whittle Ministries. Kaitlin is also a graduate of the Compel Author’s Academy Book Proposal Bootcamp.

She has developed an online Bible study course, launched The Bible Backwards Plan, and encourages women daily through her highly engaged community on Instagram. Kaitlin has been a featured speaker at multiple women’s conferences and retreats over the past several years.

Kaitlin is a recovering perfectionist and survivor of depression. She is a bold mental health advocate and champion for women to love the lives they’ve been given. When she’s not writing or preaching, you can find Kaitlin chugging coffee at a cute brunch spot or loud-laughing somewhere with her people.

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