You Can Do It Even When You Don’t Feel Like It

Have you ever lost your motivation to show up?

Do you know what God has called you to do but you feel yourself not feeling like it? Feeling weary?

If you feel worn down and wondering where you lost your passion for what God has called you to do, you’re going to love my talk with the founder and CEO of Horacio Printing, Polly Payne. In this episode, we discuss the importance of defining your why, the problem with an “all or nothing” mentality, and how we can start gaining momentum today.

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You Can Do It Even When You Don't Feel Like It

Key points from our conversation on today’s episode and on motivation:

Living the dream doesn’t always feel like living the dream, but it is fulfilling and good work.

You have to stay connected to your why; it’s what sustains you through hard times. Without a why, your dream becomes a burden.

A good why will be connected to something bigger than you.

We must eliminate an “all or nothing” mentality. Perfectionism debilitates us from moving forward. Determine how small you can break down a goal to see some action. The momentum will give you the feeling you need to keep going.

If you focus and do one thing for a short amount of time you can accomplish a lot. Set boundaries for your time with no distractions. Track your progress. The data can prove you’re not failing when you feel you are.

It’s easy to get stuck in the middle if you don’t have a clear finish line. Your goals may be too vague. Be consistent and remember your values.

If something out of your control is getting you stuck, give it to God. Release it to His care, find what you can control, and take action.

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Polly is the founder and CEO of Horacio Printing. Her love language includes luxurious paper and lots of white space. Originally from Fairhope, Alabama, Polly migrated to the big apple and became the Senior Sales Director of an award-winning Ad: Tech company. She left her career in advertising to redesign her life and pursue her God-given purpose. She founded Horacio Printing which has now sold more than 40,000 Dream Planners around the world and raised more than $64,000 to fight human trafficking.

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