Your Spheres of Influence

Do you feel tired and worn out from trying to keep everyone happy all the time? Do you feel like there is no time or space in your mind to deal with everyday situations? If your answer is yes to either of those questions, you’re in the right place. This episode is to help you build out your spheres of influence and remind you who should get the most of you. Not everyone will get all of you spiritually, emotionally, and physically and that’s okay. You can’t serve everyone 100% percent and not expect a breakdown somewhere. 

Resources mentioned:

Chase God, Not Your Feelings Guide

Exercise for your spheres of influence:

Draw a circle and write “God” in the center of it. He should get the best and most of you.

(Every circle after this is an example. I want you to think of levels of relationships and how we are called by God to live.)

Draw a circle around God. This circle should have your immediate family or other people you are extremely close to.

Draw another circle for best friends, extended family, maybe co-workers, friends you talk with, but not regularly

Draw another circle for acquaintances

The last circle is for strangers you interact with such as people you run into at the store who follow you on social media

Now evaluate how you are honoring each sphere of influence. Who is getting the most of you when they should be getting less of you (emotionally and physically)? Are you honoring the people God has entrusted you with and no one else?

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