Am I ok? Are you ok? Are we going to be ok?

If you feel disconnected and distracted in your relationship with God, today’s Truth Talk is for you as my friend and certified fitness instructor Clare Smith and I share how we’ve been navigating this disorienting season. We also have some questions for you, the listener, that we hope will help you identify where you truly are physically, mentally, and spiritually. God’s timing is never accidental. Perhaps He’s asking you to use this time as an opportunity to evaluate your relationship with Him. Ask Him what He’s doing right now to prepare you for the future.

Be encouraged in prayer by listening to the episode a better way to pray.

Tips from today’s show Am I OK? Are You OK?:

Physically – It’s all about your mindset. Life will return to “normal.” Where do you want to be then? Work backward and do what you can where you are now that moves you toward who you hope to become. Watch your alcohol and food intake. God may be using this time to show you what you’ve been leaning on that’s not Him. 

Emotionally – Life is still happening whether we realize it or not. Don’t sleepwalk through it. Take a moment to slow down and assess what you’re thinking, feeling, and doing. How can you show up today?

Spiritually – Spend some time in solitude with Jesus. Don’t shame yourself if that time doesn’t look like it did before 2020, just come to Him as you are. Intentionally engage in whatever feeds your soul, whether it’s praise & worship music, podcasts, reading, or serving. Keep scripture visible as a reminder throughout your day of God’s promises and love for you.

If you feel like you need more encouragement on your journey, listen to the episode where I ask, “Are you feeling stuck?

Clare has never been one to lack energy! With a passion for building courageous, contagious, confident women for Christ, she loves encouraging women of all ages and stages of life to live well physically, emotionally and spiritually. She is a gifted speaker, blogger, leadership coach and certified fitness instructor!

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