“I am so so grateful for your being so open and available during this time. I know this experience has changed my heart already. I am now at my parents house for Christmas and this is going to be the first year in probably 15 years that I won’t leave here feeling sick from having or doing TOO MUCH. I am claiming victory over this sickness. Complete healing is coming, but I already see piece of it every single day.” – Heather Brown

“I have been struggling with my weight for the past few years. I was one of those yo-yo dieters, trying to look for quick fixes to lose weight only to always gain the weight back.

Before joining Jessica’s coaching group, I was struggling with eating right, my weight going up & down & most of all my spiritual walk. I didn’t have the motivation to exercise & i wasn’t in the Word like i needed to be. It’s like one minute I was motivated & the next I wasn’t.

After completing the coaching group, I can honestly say that Jessica showed me the light!! Jessica’s way of teaching is more of a personal level. She makes sure that you are getting what you need because she is engaged with her clients! Not only were we taught nutrition but the most important thing she taught me was to stop looking at the physical nature of things & see what God’s Word says about it all. This is exactly what I needed! Renewing our mindset by reading God’s Word! She provided scripture references, video teachings & each day we had check in assignments that really kept us showing up & getting what we need! 2B Mindset nutrition is something that is great & really changes the way you think about food & this was the best program that I have been on before.

Jessica is one of the most positive people & she really has a gift for what she does! I have never had a coach who gets personal with you. When i received a postcard from her just encouraging me to keep going I knew that she really cared! I never had a coach to incorporate God into their teachings. That, to me is the greatest thing of all because we are nothing without Him! Jessica Vaughn is the best & I will continue to be inspired & encouraged by her. Jessica, thank you so much for all you do & for helping me to get back on track again!” – Carolyn Hayes

“I think my favorite thing about the past three weeks is the deep reflection and being able to process my thoughts in a safe place. Jessica’s questions to help me dig deeper have been super helpful! I have become more aware of some of the lies I have been believing, why I am believing them, and the truth behind them. I also have been experiencing food freedom and just able to eat without guilt.” – Tiffony Pinaire

“Down a pound today. That’s 4 pounds total so far. Slow but steady. Pretty happy about it. Haven’t been hungry really at all. And, it hasn’t felt like a gigantic struggle where it’s all I think about. Yay God!” – Heather Brown

If you asked me what the single most defining aspect of my life has been, I would immediately answer my weight.  I cannot remember a time in my life where I have not struggled with this body that God has given to me.  Wishing it were different…smaller…smoother…better somehow.  I have spent 39 years letting my weight define how I live, travel, love, work, play…you name it.  

About a year ago, something changed and I started to get involved in a ministry that gave me the opportunity to stumble upon Jessica’s Instagram page.  I followed along for a really long time, sitting on the sidelines and once again waffling between unrealistic control and zero control at all, struggling to love a body that I know longer knew, trusted, or understood.  And then one day she posted a simple request after describing what felt like my story.  She simply asked if we understood, would we put a raised hands in the comments section.  So I did.  Jessica reached out and asked me how I was and what I was struggling with, and I found myself finally wanting to share this burden I’d been carrying for 39 years and allow someone to help me carry it. 

After just a couple of interactions, I decided to give this coaching group a shot.  I had vowed that if it ended up being ‘just another program’ then I’d finally give myself permission to quit this journey.  To accept my fate as someone who is too much; too large, too loud, too…chained to keep fighting. 4 weeks later I can tell you with absolute certainty that it isn’t just another program.  Jessica doesn’t focus on the outside changes, even though there is nutrition and fitness aspects to the program.  She focuses on the heart and on the soul and on the head work.  She focuses on the spirit.  And I genuinely believe that makes all the difference.  Here’s what I do know after 4 weeks with Jessica:  I’m already healed.  I’m already whole.  I’m already loved.  I’m not too much or too loud or too anything.  So these past 4 weeks have been my starting point, not my finish line like I originally thought.  I’m on a journey now to learn how to walk into those promises.  I’m in space of the already…but not yet.  The work has been done by Jesus…the healing has occurred; the debt has been paid; and now it is my job to learn how to live and eat and move and THRIVE from that place.  It’s already mine, but not until I walk in that truth.  So that’s what’s next for me, thanks to Jessica, I’m learning to walk again.” – Katie Hull

“What a breath of fresh air in the world of “diet culture” this group was! Jessica allowed the Holy Spirit to use her in a way that broke chains in my heart. She spoke words of encouragement and scripture and never judgment or shame. The thought, preparation, care, and prayer she gave to the group was unlike anything I’ve experienced. If you are tired of the same old body-shaming groups and want to experience something different, I would HIGHLY recommend this. Thank you Jessica from the bottom of my heart”  experiencing food freedom and just able to eat without guilt.” – Lauren Goff

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