Empowering women be set free from the lies they believe about healing, weight loss, their body.

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I had to realize that I have been an emotional eater.  Food has been a comfort and escape instead of treating it like the fuel for my body it should be. I would also say that mindless eating and the trap of labeling food “good” or “bad”, and therefore extending that label on myself. I love the concepts that she taught and the perspectives she gave us. I find myself repeating some of the concepts that she taught us when I am going to eat as a self-check. What once was mindless eating for me now has become mindful eating in a healthy spiritually fed way. I feel better equipped, less guilty and less likely to tell myself i have “messed up” which is actually causing me to make better choices. She makes us think about how we take care of our bodies from a Scriptural perspective, how much God loves us as we are no matter what, and how we have to adjust our mentality about weight loss because once we lose weight there is still heart and mind work that needs to be done.”

– Celli W.

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