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I’m Jess, a Christian Mental Health Coach!

Or, as my friends like to say, a safe place.

When you are looking for a Christian mental health coach, you want someone who understands thought patterns and strategies for overcoming what’s holding you back, not just because they are certified to teach them but because they have lived through it. 

Do you feel like you don’t have someone in your life right now you can trust to discuss hard truths with?

Have you considered therapy or counseling but are not sure how to take the next step?

Are the traditional coping mechanisms serving you, or do they still leave you feeling empty?

The challenges you are facing are difficult to discuss even with your most trusted people.

You think you should be strong enough to overcome what you are facing. It’s hard to admit that because it makes you feel weak.

You think you need to be stronger and shouldn’t struggle because you love Jesus and have faith.

You have probably said, “I don’t want to feel this way.” But you can’t seem to put yourself out of the pit no matter how hard you try. 

I know how hard it is to extend your hand and say, “Help me!”


Jessica Hottle christian mental health coach

One-on-One Coaching Packages

With more than 15 years of experience as a coach, coaching in different fields, my formal education, and extensive practical experience, I have learned that the women I work with yield the best results when someone sees them as a whole person.

I understand thought patterns, not just because I am certified to teach them but because I have lived through it, and that sets me apart from other Christian mental health coaches.

Please note: I require all new clients to book a free 20-minute consultation with me before we work together.

Basic Package

3 50-Minute Zoom Sessions / $397

  • 3 50-Minute Zoom Sessions 
  • Step-by-Step Action Plan Checklist After Each Session
  • Recording of Each 50-Minute Session

2 Payments of $198

Standard Package

(save 12%)

6 50-Minute Zoom Sessions / $697

  • 6 50-Minute Zoom Sessions 
  • Step-by-Step Action Plan Checklist After Each Session
  • Recording of Each 50-Minute Session

2 Payments of $348

Premium Package

(save 15%)

12 50-Minute Zoom Sessions / $1,350

  • 12 50-Minute Zoom Sessions 
  • Step-by-Step Action Plan Checklist After Each Session
  • Recording of Each 50-Minute Session

3 Payments of $450

Not looking for a package? That is no problem. I also offer one-on-one coaching paid for by the hour.


(but not limited to)




Stress Management


Boundaries: Identifying, Understanding, Setting, Applying




People Pleasing


Forgiving Yourself and Forgiving Others


Breaking Thought Patterns and Forming New Ones


Getting Unstuck


Knowing Your Worth: Feeling Good Enough


Anger, Insecurity, Jealousy,  Bitterness, or Resentment

Every time I meet with Jess, I’m changed.

When I meet with Jessica, our conversation always changes me. The way she describes and helps me identify things in my life I wasn’t even aware of always leaves me feeling stronger. I always feel safe with Jessica no matter what I share. I am beyond blessed by this woman of God.

-Ebony M.



You are not currently working with a coach


You are willing to put into practice the strategies and techniques we discuss (all of my clients get homework assignments between sessions to encourage the reframing thought patterns process)


You are a Christian woman (no matter where you are in your journey – from just being saved to being saved for a long time, each session is tailored to where you are right now)



Apply to see if we are a good fit (easy process to determine where you are right now and what you need the most)


Book a consult (optional – if we are a good fit for each other after you apply we can get right into coaching)


Sign a contract and pay your first payment


Book your first session with me


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Christian Mental Health Coach?

Mental health coaching provides supportive guidance for those dealing with anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues. Coaches help clients make positive changes, overcome obstacles, and create a clear plan for recovery. As a certified Christian Mental Health Coach, Jessica can assist you in finding stability, managing tough symptoms, renewing your mind with the Bible, and discovering hope and purpose. She can also connect you with resources for professional care, family support, and education.

How is a Christian Mental Health Coach Different than a Counselor?

As your Mental Health Coach, I have more than 15 years of experience as a coach, coaching in different fields, and gone through over 200+ hours of biblically-based, clinically excellent training in being effective people helpers, bringing them into God’s presence, crisis intervention (e.g., trauma, abuse, suicide), active listening, mental and behavioral health disorders (e.g., depression, anxiety, bipolar and spectrum mood disorders), addiction, and leading others to healing.

However, unlike licensed mental health care providers, with me as your coach, I can not diagnose or offer professional treatment for mental health disorders. I would focus on addressing your body as a whole (looking at emotional, relational, physical, and spiritual health), supporting positive change to help you move forward by better managing your symptoms, building support for recovery, helping you work through thought patterns, and more.

Mental health coaching is action-oriented, emphasizing improving one’s present life and reaching goals for the future (like feeling lighter and free). Both coaching and therapy can be very helpful. 

*Key differences: Coaches cannot diagnose, treat mental health disorders, or prescribe medication like licensed therapists, counselors, or psychiatrists do.

What Are Your Credentials?
  • Board Certified Master Mental Health Coach
  • Board Certified Biblical Counselor
  • Certified Master Christian Life Coach


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