Do you feel like you’re constantly anxious, tired, and depressed?

Do you feel overworked and overwhelmed in every area of your life? 

Do you feel like you believe in God, but you’re not hearing from Him? Not connecting with Him?

Do you ever wonder what you are missing when you hear people say that they have a real relationship with Christ?


God isn’t calling you to live in the pain and feelings you are experiencing. Pain and suffering can be a place of visitation but not a place of habitation.

Healing your life and heart does not have to be complicated! You do not have to spend hours every day healing or book long weekends away to grow closer to God.

You can do this when you are sitting at a red light, at the doctor’s office, or waiting in the car pool line. 

I’m here to show you HOW!

The “all or nothing” mindset destroys every small step you seem to take by convincing you that it’s still not good enough. 

If you are sick and tired, it’s time to stop striving and enter into rest.

If you have come to the end of yourself and are feeling lost, then it’s time to put God’s word first, begin with Him, and discover who you truly are in Christ. 

You know Christ died on the cross for you and loves you, but are you having a hard time believing it in your heart. You may think, “Why would Jesus die for me?”

It’s time to build a body and life not based on another rule, restriction, religious duty, lie, or label, but a life built on the solid foundation of Christ.

If you change where you place your identity, heal from hurt, and how you view God, you will change the lens in which you see the rest of the world. 

Through my online courses Biblical Framework to Overcome Emotional Eating and Spiritual Growth Framework, From Head to Heart podcast, books, and speaking engagements, I teach Christian women how to build their relationship with God, heal their hearts with God, heal their relationship with people, and how to get the word of God from their head to their heart. 

Hey there, I’m Jessica.

I’m a Spiritual Growth Coach, faith-based fitness coach, podcast host, speaker, and author. I hate rules, restrictions, and religious duties, and I live my life by putting God first. I love to live authentically, with integrity, and in freedom through Christ.

For too long, I let my body be my idol, men be my source of worth and value, and the success of my business determine my identity and success as a person.

I found freedom from the pain of my past by realizing that my worth isn’t determined by my works, actions, or what has been done to me – my worth is only determined by the love of Jesus going to the cross for me.

I don’t follow the standard approach to health or guidelines set by other people. I challenge the narrative that diet culture feeds women!

I encourage all the women I work with to define what it means to be healthy for themselves, but everyone needs to address their spirit, soul, and body to be healthy. 

With this philosophy, I teach Christian women how to honor their feelings and heal from their hurt from a Biblical perspective.

Whether you were told that your feelings didn’t matter and that they were bad or were told to feel your feelings but didn’t know what to do with them, I’m here to help you bridge the gap from what you feel so you can heal with God. 

Feelings have a seat at the table but are not the centerpiece. 

I do this through my online courses, books, and speaking events to create long-term, sustainable results.

Because your worth isn’t a feeling, it’s in a Person.

Because your suffering and pain is a place of visitation, not a place of habitation.

Because pain is meant to be felt, not forgotten.

Because we are run by our emotions when we run away from them.

I’m here to change the way you live by challenging the way you think.

The Fun Stuff

  • I am a #1 best-selling author. I have written four books which include, “Know Your Worth,” “A Worthy Wife,” “Own Your Worth,” and “Face Off with Your Feelings.”
  • You’ll often find me having dance parties in the middle of my workouts. Or, whenever I hear a good beat.
  • Massages are my favorite, and I love being outside. If we were friends in real life, walking dates would be scheduled regularly. Take me outside and my heart is happy.
  • I live in Pennsylvania with my husband Jon, and we are proud cat owners to Tux, Toya, and Baby Nugs.
  • I am known to be pretty competitive when it comes to board games because playing board games is also one of my love languages.
  • I don’t like coffee. (Hopefully, that wasn’t a deal-breaker between us.)
  • I love wings and celery so much that in my vows to my husband, I said he was the celery to my wings.
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