About Me

Are you searching for the motivation to work out and eat healthy?

Do you want a healthy relationship with your body, the foods you eat, and the workouts you do?

Do you want to experience healing in your life?

I work with women to help them be set free from the lies they believe and to bring healing in their life to weigh less in their body. 

To have long-lasting sustainable results and not short-term gain that leads to endless diet routines and countless hours counting calories while feeling like a failure about not hitting the gym as much as you hoped – then the foundation you build your weight loss and healing journey on has to look different than the rest of the world.

Jesus went to the cross for your freedom; to set the captives free.

Whether you have tried everything out there, feel like it’s never going to happen for you, or you are frustrated that you don’t see the results you would like – then it’s like to invite God to sit with you, workout with you, and dine with you.

Let’s build a solid foundation together that creates long-term sustainable results. 

Hey, I’m Jess.

I’m a fitness motivator and coach, Jesus prescriber, and speaker. I’m not about rules, restrictions, or religious duties. I am about God first, freedom living, authenticity, and integrity.

I am a #1 best-selling author. I have written 3 books which include; Know Your Worth, A Worthy Wife, and Own Your Worth.

I use my story + life experiences to help women overcome their past by owning their worth in Christ.

I’m here to challenge the way you think to change the way you live.

You’ll often find me having dance parties in the middle of my workouts. Massages are my favorite, and I love being outside.

I live in Pennsylvania with my husband Jon, and we are proud cat owners to Tux, Toya, and Baby Nugs.

I am known to be pretty competitive when it comes to board games.

I love wings and celery so much that in my vows to my husband I said he was the celery to my wings.

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