Biblical Study on Anger eBook


Why does anger control me? What steps can I take to break free and find peace?

Anger is a common emotion that affects our lives, relationships, and well-being. In this biblical study, we explore anger’s triggers, its impact on our bodies, and how to navigate between healthy and harmful expressions of anger. Find answers for how to engage anger as a natural human emotion, investigate the causes, and how it manifests in our lives and bodies. Learn to distinguish between righteous and harmful anger, learning from biblical examples like Jesus cleansing the temple. What does that mean for our experience with anger if he was both holy and angry? This biblical study discusses practical ways of dealing with anger while providing insights into handling anger with God, including surrendering the need for retaliation, walking through forgiveness, and inviting God’s presence. It’s an invitation to explore and understand the journey of managing and befriending our anger so our anger doesn’t control us.

Product Details

  • 38 pages
  • eBook
  • Includes study questions and reflections at the end

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