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Meet Jessica Hottle, Christian Speaker

Jessica Hottle is a Board-Certified Biblical Counselor, Board-Certified Master Mental Health Coach, author, speaker, and podcast host of Untangle Your Thoughts. Podcast, where she discusses mental health and the church.

Jessica helps women overcome negative thought patterns to regain control of their lives through her coaching practice, courses, biblical studies, and teaching. She wants to break the stigma surrounding mental health so women can find freedom in Christ.

She loves board games, spending time with her husband, and cuddling with her three kitties at her home in Pennsylvania.

Jessica is available to speak at events, church gatherings, and retreats.

Signature Message: How We Change and Become More Like Jesus

(A place where faith and mental health intersect.)

Who we believe God to be and what we think God thinks about us shapes how we think and, ultimately, how we live. 

Jessica will help your women befriend the parts of them that may feel abandoned, left out, lost, hidden, unseen, unheard, and unworthy and show them how to bring them to God, the Healer of their hurt.

We are often formed by fire, but how do we ensure that fire doesn’t consume us? Life might not always feel good, but God is always good to us. That’s where Jessica comes in to show women the how. How do we become more like Jesus when the hurt feels like too much?

She will leave your audience more in awe and connected to God than when she met them as they experience the true changing power of God through scripture, story, and Jessica’s personal life experiences.

Your women will walk away with scriptures and questions that will deepen their relationship with God.

Jessica can also speak on topics relating to mental health, identity and worth in Christ, principles of growing your relationship with God and how to change and live transformed by God, and the mind-body connection: spirit, soul, body. She also loves talking about what it takes to have a healthy, godly, relationship (e.g., boundaries, forgiveness, rebuilding trust).

“From beginning to end, Jessica was such a delight to work with. When Jessica delivered her messages at my event, the ladies were so engaged with everything she had to say. Jessica was prepared, well-spoken, and engaging with our women. We were so grateful for Jessica and the way she loved our women.” – Erin Youngblood, Founder of The Clean Campaign

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“Jessica has been a pleasure to work with, no matter in what capacity she is operating in. I have seen her operate on various platforms such as public speaking, Q &A panels, exhortation of the word and sessions I have held for ladies that specifically dealt with self growth from an emotional standpoint. Jessica has also helped me personally maneuver through past hurts and traumas in a healthy way. I am so glad that God has crossed our paths I truly have been the better because of it.” – Neila Johnson, Founder of Sisters Helping Sisters Win

Book Jessica to Speak

She enjoys serving at her local church and would love to be a part of your next women’s conference, luncheon, retreat, or online event. To book Jessica for your next event call 724-633-7714 or email bookings@jessicahottle.com.

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