untangle your thoughts: mental health coaching for christian women

Christian Podcast for Women

Untangle Your Thoughts

Do you want to overcome negative thoughts?
Do you want to be able to discern whether it’s your feelings or God?
Do you want to learn to let go of control and trust God?

Hard and bad things have happened in this world that need a safe space to be processed. And the church should be one of those places. And this podcast is one of those places.

In this podcast, we are going to be talking about our feelings, the good, the bad, and the ugly. We will talk about practical ways to take care of our mental health while never losing sight of God. Together, we will study our Bibles so that we can grow a deeper relationship with God and the church.

So pull up a chair and join me at the table. Let’s get to the bottom of what’s holding you back.

Need a mental health coach in your corner?

Join the Untangle Your Thoughts Community!

I created this community to equip women with resources to manage the mental stresses of life through the work of God’s love so women always feel like they have a coach in their corner guiding them.

This member community hosted on Patreon has godly women who are going to pray, encourage, and support you so you never feel alone in your battle to get free from mental torment. Not to mention I will be there with you, as your mental health coach.


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