christian podcast for women

Do you know in your head God loves you but struggle to feel it in your heart?

Have you been let down by people so you believe God is going to let you down too?

Do you have a hard time discerning whether it’s your voice or his voice?

Do you ever feel like you have to choose between God or your feelings?

In this podcast, you will learn how to go from knowing God’s word to believing God’s word. I will teach you how to hear from God and discern God’s voice, learn how to trust God when others let you down, and how to feel again (walk through your pain and feelings with the Father instead of running from them). 

If you are ready to grow your relationship with God and need a starting place to process your feelings, pull up a seat and join us at the table.

I’m Jessica, someone who loves Jesus but didn’t grow up in the church. For a long time, I believed that if I didn’t take care of myself, then no one would. IE: I didn’t trust God with my daily life. Only my eternity. I believed so many lies like my body was a tool I was to use to feel loved and that I had to strive in everything I did to prove to others I was worthy of their acceptance and approval. I allowed the pain of my past to dictate my future and keep me stuck in my present. 

I realized that even in my mistakes, with all the choices I made I am still loved by a God whose love isn’t transactional. I am loved by a God whose love doesn’t change despite when my feelings change. What I knew about God and his love slowly transformed my heart.

Now is your time to finally know and understand God’s love for you, that you can trust God and hear from God.

Today is the first day you begin to challenge the way you think to change the way you live. 

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