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From Head to Heart Podcast

Do you ever feel like you have to choose between God or your feelings?

In this podcast, you will learn how to go from knowing God’s word to believing God’s word. I will teach you how to hear from God and discern God’s voice, learn how to trust God when others let you down, and how to feel again (walk through your pain and feelings with the Father instead of running from them).

Now is your time to finally know and understand God’s love for you, that you can trust God and hear from God. Today is the first day you begin to challenge the way you think to change the way you live.

If you are ready to grow your relationship with God and need a starting place to process your feelings, pull up a seat and join us at the table.

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Three Prayers for Anxiety for Women

Today, I want to share with you three prayers for anxiety. Our prayer life is more than perfect Bible words. It’s communion and communication with God. It’s a relationship.  We don’t have to approach our time with God with a systematic equation, hoping He hears our...

How to Deal with Emotions Biblically

If your anger is heightened and I tell you to calm down, chances are you will not calm down but only be more frustrated that I am telling you to calm down over something you are experiencing deep anger with. Dealing with our emotions biblically is not about bypassing...

How to Read the Bible for Beginners

Before I start teaching how to read the Bible for beginners, I think it’s important to address how you read the Bible now.  What approach do you currently have to the Bible? For example, do you mainly pick out certain scriptures? Are you only looking for what you...

Feeling Safe with God

We all have moments in our lives where trust between relationships breaks. We go from feeling seen and heard to wondering if anyone will notice the pain we carry.  The question always comes up, “If people continue to hurt me, how can I trust that God isn’t...

Overcoming Shame with the Word of God

I have felt the weight of not living up to everyone else's standard of me or their expectations of where they think I should be. To overcome the shame I felt, I had to address the root.  Was I carrying their opinions as my own and above God’s word? Why did I care what...

5 Ways to Stop Emotional Eating from a Biblical Perspective

Emotional eating is something that all of us do and will continue to do. However, I am a firm believer in that we can recognize when we are emotionally eating and get curious about what it is that we need. I want to help you to stop emotional eating.  What is...

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