Beginners Guide to Studying the Bible eBook


How do I know where to start reading my Bible?

Reading the Bible can feel challenging, overwhelming, and confusing, but with the Beginner’s Guide to Studying the Bible, you’ll find studying God’s Word much less intimidating. The Beginner’s Guide to Studying the Bible will simplify and clarify the Bible’s teachings, making the words of Scripture accessible to any reader. In this primer, Jessica provides specific details about the Bible needed to comprehend and understand scripture’s historical and cultural context as well as practical application steps, and resource ideas. Readers will be equipped to not only read the Bible, but to work through complex ideas and grasp the wisdom found in its pages.

Let go of your doubts and overwhelm, and start feeling confident when you read your Bible.

Product Details

  • 32 pages
  • eBook
  • Includes extra pages to take notes

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