Are you ready to turn to God instead of turning to food?

I’m here to show you how you can eat freely without dieting or feeling deprived, shame, or guilty.

It’s time to overcome emotional eating so you can learn to enjoy food again without feeling deprived, stress eating, or eating your feelings.

Discover the root cause and overcome emotional eating. It’s time to change your relationship with food and grow closer to God while healing. Through my three-step process, learn how to conquer control around food and find freedom from constantly thinking or worrying about food. 

Imagine if….

You quit turning to food for emotional support

You didn’t feel shame or guilt after eating

You were at a healthy weight without deprivation

You overcame eating sweets and stopped cravings

You were at a healthy weight and felt good 

You had control around food regardless of what you were feeling


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What students are saying

“This is the third day without a “binge time.” I can hardly believe “it” could be this simple. 

I have permission to eat and even do something different such as make a meal but still eat. NOT do something totally unrelated to what I feel I want to do. Other diets involved trying so hard NOT to eat, telling me to distract myself. Somehow the counsel to eat if I want has taken away the obsession to eat and to eat a lot. Actually, I don’t even feel like eating because I am sincerely not hungry. I eat or drink what sounds good without feeling deprived.” – Renee Thompson

“We learned about emotions and how they relate to our food habits, the terminology we use holding us back, and exercises relating to healing our emotions.

Jessica Hottle asks the right questions to unlock deep emotions needing the healing balm of God. The questions were not easy to answer and required thought and time that transformed how I viewed food. My Voxer group didn’t hold back and were honest with their daily struggles. Jessica is highly attentive to everyone in the group and adds constructive comments or questions for each of us. Well worth the investment.”
– Kay Miller


Biblical Framework to Overcome Emotional Eating

Join me for this three-step program. We will walk through the Biblical Framework to overcome emotional eating together. In these three steps, you will learn step-by-step how to stop overeating and feel good in your body again.



Placing Your Identity on Christ and Not Food

  • Build Your Relationship with God
  • Establish Your Relationship with Food
  • Know The Root Cause of Your Emotional Eating
  • The Either/Or, Both/And, All or Nothing Way of Thinking
  • Learn Why Rules and Restrictions Don’t Work and What Does

In step one, we will focus on laying a solid foundation for your healing. Overcoming emotional eating requires us to know who we are in Christ. Through step one, we take a deep dive into identity (turning to God), the root cause of turning to food when stressed and for emotional support, and the mindset that keep us a slave or free.

We will work together to rewire old beliefs to God’s Word with practical steps. 



Find Control Over the Food You Eat

  • Learn How to Stop Overeating
  • Manage Stress and Stress Eating
  • Overcome Food and Sugar Cravings
  • Learn How to Eat The Forbidden Foods
  • Learn How to Listen to the Holy Spirit Instead of Diet Culture

In step two, we will build upon a solid foundation with a better understanding of why. This will help answer the questions, “Why do I keep falling into old patterns time and time again?” or “Why can’t I lose weight and keep it off?” and “Why does it seem like nothing I do ever seems to work?”

Our focus will be on learning why we overeat, stress eat, binge, and how to control our emotions and feelings as they arise. Together we will walk through, step-by-step, how to turn to God instead of turning to food.



Enjoy Food Again

  • Creating Spiritual Discipline – Motivation, Balance, Routine
  • Learn How to Eat to Feel Good
  • Establish Healthy Habits for Weight Loss and Eating
  • Learn How to Change Your Relationship with Food
  • Gain a Healthy Biblical View of Your Body – Feeling Good in Your Body Again

How do you practically walk out healing every day? Step three answers that question. You may know what to do but get frustrated on how to do it without feeling overwhelmed and wanting to give up after the first week. In this step, you will live from your solid foundation and understanding and apply what you know. 

Not only will you learn practical ways to feel comfortable in your body again but you will also walk away with steps to maintain and sustain your healing journey on overcoming emotional eating. No more feeling deprived, shame, guilt, or stress eating.

Buy now and receive:

  • Lifetime access to all three steps and bonuses
  • Lifetime access to the Facebook Student Community
  • Biblical framework to create sustainable freedom from emotional eating
  • Spiritual and emotional checklists to keep your emotions in place and you in control
  • Emotional eating diary
  • Mindful eating checklists
  • Journaling prompts and scriptures
  • Boundary blueprint bonus for helping keep a healthy relationship with you and food

If you are ready to overcome emotional eating and get rid of the shame and guilt around food, stop turning to food for comfort, and to feel good in your body again. . .

This is for you. It’s time to say YES!

Hey friend,

I know what it feels like to use food for comfort and wish I could stop obsessing about what I would be eating at my next meal.

I wanted a healthy relationship with food, but food was a place I felt in control of when everything else around me felt out of control.

I’ve been in the health and fitness industry for more than 12 years. The lies still come for me regarding my body, food, and how I steward this body the Lord gave me.

However, through emotional healing and being honest with God, I came to a place where I can recognize the pattern of stress and eating and my need to control all of it. (Especially as I get older and my body changes.)

If you are ready to go through healing yourself, learn how to renew your mind to truth, and not allow the things of this world to control you anymore (like food), I’m the coach for you.

Let’s do this together.

This is for you if:

You want to find the way of eating that works best for you

You want to get rid of shame, guilt, and feelings of inadequacy around food

You want to be at a healthy weight without feeling deprived of food

You want to make peace with food, stop dieting, and “yo-yo’ing”

You want to feel good in your body

You are done turning to food and ready to turn to God and build a strong relationship with Him

You want to stop cravings and stress eating

Friend, it all starts here with Biblical Framework to Overcome Emotional Eating.

You can stop trying to pray your way through and finally learn to walk through your feelings with God.
Now is your time!


$997 value save over $800

Pay in full $147

2 Payments of $77


How is the Biblical Framework for Emotional Eating run? What platforms are used?

As soon as you sign up, you will receive instructions on logging in to your online portal, where you will have access to your training modules. Every Monday, we will meet on Zoom for accountability coaching.

Is it time consuming? How much time do I need for this group?

Biblical Framework to Overcome Emotional Eating is a self-paced course except when we meet on Zoom for our weekly accountability coaching. You will be able to log in to your portal at any time. Our Zoom trainings, accountability coaching sessions, will be scheduled, and you will know the times in advance.

What happens when the group is over?

Once the group is over, you get added to my Graduates Group, where the accountability and support continue!

How do I know if this is for me?

If you find yourself turning to food for emotional support in times of stress, anxiety, fear, or other feelings you may have. Biblical Framework to Overcome Emotional Eating is for you if you find yourself constantly thinking about food or if you want to feel good in your body again.

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