In this truth talk, I’m having a conversation with Revelation Wellness instructors Liz Patton and Summer Faith about trusting the Holy Spirit instead of diet culture. Therefore, I invited my friends on to discuss this topic because in our work we find many women are striving for their bodies to look a certain way but end up feeling frustrated and defeated after trying various diets with little success. Liz, Summer, and I dig into how the language around diet culture has damaged our thought process and how we view ourselves as well as provide some practical tips on how you can start to reverse diet culture thinking today.

holy spirit instead of diet culture

Points from our conversation:

Diet culture thinking includes labeling foods as “good” and “bad” and feeling like you must start over again and again after you “mess up.”

There are no “good” foods or “bad” foods. Food is just food. Removing the label can remove some of the power food has and can prevent us from missing out on fellowship centered around meals.

We can begin to change from an external focus to an internal focus and find peace by acknowledging our vanity and finding gratitude for things we like about our bodies. We should also be honest with God about the things we’re unsatisfied with and ask for His help.

It’s easy to disconnect fitness from faith, but your body is the vessel for your soul. Invite God to be part of your fitness journey.

Exercise and healthy eating are spiritual disciplines. Progress starts with incremental changes. Slow change is sustainable change.

4 things you can do to trust the Holy Spirit instead of diet culture:

Write down five things you’re grateful for about your body and health.

Pay attention to what you’re consuming visually and audibly. If it doesn’t facilitate peace, unfollow.

Focus on health instead of weight loss.

Think about the conversations in your community. How much are you talking about food? What else could you spend that time and energy focusing on?

Resources for trusting the Holy Spirit instead of diet culture:

Scriptures in My Pocket devotional

Connect with Summer: Instagram

Summer is a wife and mom of two growing boys in Lynden, Washington. As a Revelation Wellness Instructor, she is passionate about the body of Christ walking in the fullness of their giftings and that’s why you’ll find her teaching classes a couple of times a week in her hometown.

Connect with Liz: Instagram

Liz’s heart belongs to Jesus, her husband, Jason, and their three teenage boys. As a Revelation Wellness Instructor and Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, she’s passionate about helping women find body and food freedom so they can live their healthiest, happiest, and most free lives in Christ.

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