In this episode, I’m tackling two different lies with business coach and mother, Somer Phoebus – I am a bad parent and I’m not productive. Somer gives tips on how to better parent your children as individuals, merging parenting styles, and maintaining a thriving marriage. She also shares about how being productive looks different for everyone and breaks down some common lies around productivity. And here’s the kicker – she offers some practical ideas on how we can bring parenting and productivity together.

Notes from the lie I Am A Bad Parent:

Advice for parents of younger children – If you disciple on the front end, you won’t have to on the back end. Go all in on not letting things go and being consistent. Remember this is a season of discipline.

Advice for parents of teens – Remind your kids of who God says they are, not what the world tells them they’re not. Be honest and love them unconditionally. It will build trust and security.

Problems with spouse and child happen when you treat your husband like a babysitter. The father-child relationship is unique and should be nourished.

What your marriage needs will change in different seasons of parenting. Be intentional to carve out time for each other and have frequent verbal check-ins.

We need to take personality into consideration when creating systems to be more productive. Simplify your systems by taking a mountain top view of your day and creating a skeleton schedule.

We often believe the lie that productive people are typically administrative, but creatives can be productive. It looks different for everyone.

Notes from the lie I Am Not Productive:

“Having margin is productive.” How do you prioritize people if you don’t create margin?

You can create margin by asking the Lord what matters and prioritizing that.

If you’re considering if you’ve done something meaningful with your day, it probably has more to do with people than a checklist. Look at you day and see who you’re reaching out to. That’s the point.

When it comes to parenting during a pandemic, allow yourself to grieve what was and move on. There will always be uncertainties, but God is intentional. We can’t be excited about what’s coming if we never move past grieving.

Now is not the time to be overachievers. Do you what’s important and let the Lord cover the rest. Right now, it’s about the moments with your family and moving into the future. Love God and love others.

Encouragement reminder:

Aim for Jesus. We don’t have to hit the bullseye. In order to aim, your eyes have to be on Him. The trajectory matters.

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Somer is a lead communicator + managing partner at she works HIS way. She spent the first half of her career building the businesses of others and the second half building and selling a few businesses of her own. She is also the creator of Productivity Academy + the owner of Somer Phoebus Consulting, where she coaches other working women and female entrepreneurs in the areas of productivity, leadership, brick and mortar business, and scaling for growth — all while keeping their priorities in line: faith, then family, then business. Somer is married to Kent, a pastor at Redemption Church in Annapolis, MD, and mom to their two lovely daughters, Kennedi (19) and Ava Liz (17).

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