Top takeaway’s from today show I’m Not Brave Enough:

I’m aware that you may not say that you are not brave enough but maybe you feel like fear is in the driver’s seat of your life right now. Let’s talk about overcoming fear and how to become brave!

I ask Rebecca:

  1. When someone says to you that they are not brave enough, how do you respond?
  2. Did something personal happen in your life to cause you to be braver?
  3. What does it mean to be brave? How would you describe it in terms of scripture and not just a cute catchphrase we use. 
  4. What hinders our ability to be brave?

About Rebecca: Rebecca Dotson George is the founder of Do The Thing Movement Podcast where listeners are cheered on each week to be faithful in living out their calling to glorify God in a unique way. Rebecca is a pastor’s wife who lives in Mississippi with her husband and dog, Jasper George. Her greatest joy in life is walking alongside her friends and disciplining others in pursuing their passions in a way that builds the Kingdom. In her free time, you can find her running outside, writing or trying a new recipe!

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