Top Takeaways from Today’s Show I Need To Be Fit First:

I need to be fit first is one of the most common objections I receive when I talk with women about starting their own fitness business. 

This is really our heart screaming and the enemy deceiving you about your qualification. If we take it one step further, deceiving you about your worth. 

You may even catch yourself saying, “Once I’m fit, then I can be influential.” Or, “Once I’m fit, then I’ll finally do what God has been calling me to do.”

The underlying lie to all of this is, I’m not good enough for this. (Insert your own personal “this” situation.) You do not have to strive for the perfect body!

Let’s stop beating ourselves up about our bodies. There’s been way too much worth put into what our bodies weigh. 

Here are three questions to ask yourself:

  1. Who is telling you that you need to be fit first?
  2. When did this start for you?
  3. So, say you get fit, then what?

A good looking body doesn’t mean you have a heart filled with Good News. 

Being fit first is not a qualification to join or be a part of the Kingdom work He has called you to. 

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