Top takeaways from today’s show I Don’t Have The Power To Change My Life:

Often times I think we believe we don’t have the power to change our life. However, the way we think can change our life. I love how Lindsey opened up this conversation about the power and authority in Christ that we have as women. We can get really funny when we heard the word power spoken. Especially when referring to believers. 

I ask Lindsey these questions:

  1. How do women step into authority without making it about themselves?
  2. Where does this lie come from?
  3. What is the truth to this lie?
  4. How does a victim mindset sabotage us?

Tune into this week’s lie I Don’t Have The Power To Change My Life to hear Lindsey’s response with practical steps to apply.

About Lindsey: Lindsey Nadler believes that passion is EVERYTHING and is on a mission to empower women to step into their CEO power and fearlessly chase down their dreams.

Over the past decade, she’s served in a variety of different arenas spanning from law enforcement, health and fitness, entrepreneurship and the social justice sector. All of which have shaped her signature, real talk, faith forward, no B.S., perspective of life that allows her to inspire and equip women in search of more for their lives.

She’s a life and business coach, host of The Passionista Podcast & creator of The Passion To Profit Business Academy where she helps women step into the role of confident CEO and build online businesses doing what they love.

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