We’re aware of the pitfalls of hustle culture, but what if you’re feeling overworked when you’re not hustling? In this episode, I’m talking with writer Tabitha Panariso about personal capacity and the lie that you need to do it all. Tabitha shares about her breaking point and what changes she saw by honoring her personal capacity boundaries.

Ask yourself today, are you working toward what the world says you should have or making choices that are meaningful?

Points from our conversation today:

Do you need to do it all vs. can you do it all

Hustle culture vs. personal capacity – what’s your vision?

Honoring her personal capacity boundaries allowed Tabitha to be present with her family without distractions

How we can tell if we’ve hit our personal capacity

How deleting her Instagram account revealed God’s control of her influence

Quotes for encouragement:

“Pride is the biggest indicator of whether we’re doing something that is going to bear fruit or we’re just serving ourselves.” – Tabitha Panariso

“Being able to reckon with the pride that we have helps us determine whether we need to say no or walk away.” – Tabitha Panariso

“Be a steward of what is around you right now.”- Tabitha Panariso

“When we’re able to extend a no, it reassures us that we know who we’re secure in.” – Tabitha Panariso

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Tabitha Panariso is unashamedly serious about Jesus and equally terrible at small talk. Once she has a cup of decaf coffee in hand, she likes to dive deep and fast. As a writer, speaker, wife, and mama — she’s realized that the only way to endure is to keep the main thing, the main thing. Her mission: to help women fight for an unwavering faith in an unsteady world.

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