I love this conversation I had with Tanner talking about I don’t know how to start. Tanner and I have very similar backgrounds when it comes to body image, health and fitness, and our businesses. This lie, I don’t know how to start, seems to be a lie that is keeping so many women back from the purpose God has called them into. Also, remember this truth, you don’t need to do it all.

In I don’t know where to start, Tanner gives us practical advice and questions we can ask ourselves to get a better understanding of where this lie is coming from. I don’t know where to start could stem from a place of spiritual laziness or physical laziness

Tanner’s top three actions steps to get you are started are:

  1. Ask yourself what this lie may be covering up? Is there something deeper you may be afraid of or that is hindering you?
  2. Use the resources you already have. You don’t need to add in order to gain. (Too many people believe they need all kinds of money to start something or all kinds of knowledge. What do you have and what do you know right now that you can begin to apply?)
  3. Stop saying it. Stop saying, “I don’t know where to start.” Whatever you are feeing your mind will eventually lead to your heart. 

Points from our conversation today:

  • Our body is not our own. We are the manager of it. 
  • Faith believes he created you and your body.
  • Are you spending more time on your physical health than your spiritual health?
  • You have what you need to start right now. Stop waiting for more before you go. 
  • Challenge the narrative you believe.
  • One of the biggest obstacles of I don’t know where to start could in fact be laziness. 

Don’t forget that you have what you need every step of the way because of Jesus. The Holy Spirit is the guide. 

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Here is the link to the episode on her podcast referenced in our interview together https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/holistic-health-my-story/id1375387977?i=1000473137384.

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