False Teachers, False Prophecies, and Prophetic Ministry

Lately, I’ve heard talk whirling around social media about false teachers, false prophets, and prophetic ministry. I decided to invite my friend Lindsey Falls on the show to help better explain what those terms actually mean. Lindsey is a prophetic trainer at Antioch Discipleship School and explains the difference between a false teacher and a false prophet as well as how we can identify when someone is operating in the spiritual gift of prophecy rather than their own interest. She also offers wisdom on how we can engage in conversations that bring gentle restoration rather than embracing cancel culture.

Points from our conversation about false teachers, false prophets and prophetic ministry:

Prophecy is a word that brings about by divine revelation from God events of the future encouraging people to give them comfort, divine insight, revelation, and exhortation for the future. It releases the courage needed to go forward.

You don’t have to be a prophet to prophesy.

False teachers hold a position in the church. They say things that are directly in conflict with the Bible, but often subtly.

A false prophet releases words to the church whose revelation is not accurate or has an agenda attached to it.

“Character and gifting are not the same things.” Someone can have gifts and be weak in character. Someone can have a strong character, but they haven’t exercised their gift. Look at the character over time.

A true prophet is someone who is held accountable over time.

Foretelling is the ability to call forth someone’s God given gift that they already know is within them. Forthtelling calls out something in people they had no idea was there.

Sometimes prophetic words are given to us early because we have work to do. Getting a word doesn’t mean God will just magically make something happen, it still requires our partnership. Write it down.

A gift is a divine ability to do something. All gifts are available in seed form. God doesn’t typically download the gift to you in mass, it grows little by little. If you want a gift, be around people with the gift.

Our battle is not with people, our battle is in the spiritual realm.

Hearts are rarely won in the comment section. “You need to be in a relationship with people to bring them to gentle restoration.” If you don’t know them, battle by praying for them. Let your heartbreak for them. Stay humble.

Lindsey Falls is a wife, mom, and communicator. She considers herself a life-long student of Scripture, yet teaches what she knows along the way. Lindsey is a big believer in the local church, and loves serving as the prophetic trainer of Antioch Discipleship School in Austin, TX.

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