In Lie #49 I’m talking with Licensed Professional Counselor Kerrah Fabacher about a lie we may not even realize we’re believing – I don’t matter. This will be about how to overcome not feeling good enough. Sometimes this lie creeps into our subconscious subtly through things like comparing ourselves to others on social media; sometimes it comes from people around us not responding the way we would like them to or the trauma they’ve inflicted upon us.

It’s a lie that roots itself deep and can affect our relationships, including our relationship with Jesus. In this episode, Kerrah helps identify different verbal and non-verbal cues that can help us identify when someone is struggling with self-worth and runs through how this belief might be affecting your daily life. She also offers some encouragement and practical advice on how to replace this lie with God’s truth.

How to identify belief in the lie that we don’t matter:

Verbal and non-verbal cues include looking down when talking, fiddling, crossing arms, and generally looking uncomfortable. 

Often reject compliments and dismiss your own opinion. 

Prone to neglect yourself physically, spiritually, and emotionally. 

Constantly putting others before yourself. If you don’t matter, your needs don’t matter.

Poor boundaries with others due to lack of self-respect. 

Withholding from sharing how you feel with others because “it doesn’t matter.”

Overcoming not feeling good enough will require courage to be vulnerable.

3 practical steps to reverse believing this lie:

Slow down and pay attention to your tendencies. Busyness affects our self-awareness.
Meditate on Psalm 139. 

Make a list of what the people you know and trust say about you and let their words nourish your heart. This will help you overcome not feeling good enough.

Key quotes from today’s show I Don’t Matter:

“When you believe you don’t matter, you will live like you don’t matter.”

“The only reason we have worth is because we were made by God in His image.”

Kerrah Fabacher is a girl mom and a high school coach’s wife who loves to see women exchange fear for love so they can finally see what good relationships are made of. As a Licensed Professional Counselor, Boundaries Coach, and host of Be Known, the podcast, she spends her life walking women away from shame and into grace, from broken to whole, from feeling as though they are nothing to believing they matter. You can find out how to work with her in coaching and all of the details about her podcast at www.kerrahfabacher.com, and you can take a quiz to determine who you are in relationships, the healthy one, or the one who struggles with some things like the rest of us. As a bonus, you’ll get some great resources to help you along the way.

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